Hurstmere Green

Digital process : PixSolution

“Hurstmere Green is now a vibrant, useable central public space for people to gather in and enjoy and it also provides much better access between Takapuna’s shopping area and the beachfront,” says Mayor Len Brown.

“This vibrant open space where people congregate and have fun is a shining example of how to provide excellent public amenity and deliver on our 30-year strategy to create the world’s most liveable city. This is one project of several that together will totally transform Takapuna.”

Takapuna, Auckland.
Photography – Simon Devitt & SvB   Sculptor/Artist – Brett Graham
Awards – 2014 NZIA New Zealand Architecture Award2013 NZIA Local Award2013 Concrete3 Sustainability Supreme Award2013 Concrete3 Sustainability Concrete for the Community Award; 2013 NZCS Concrete Award Landscape; 2015 New Zealand Commercial Project Awards National Category Award Winner $2-5 Million; 2015 New Zealand Commercial Project Awards Gold Medal Tourism & Leisure.

A primary aim of the design concept was to give more space to the existing Spanish Chestnut tree.

Precast and ground concrete is used extensively.
It was finished in the factory and then placed on site, saving construction time.

The hole in the wall that shows the slope beyond. It’s come to be known as the hobbit hole.

Bleachers with loungers on the sunny side – providing new connections to the neighbour’s patio.


Axis due east to the cone of Rangitoto.


A place for friends and lovers.

Pupukemoana drinking fountain.

“Story Wall” with the myth of the origin Lake Pupuke and Rangitoto by Brett Graham.

Precast concrete panels were grooved in the factory to what we christened a “corduroy” finish.


Bespoke lighted handrails.



Site Plan. North is up, Hurstmere Road is to the left. The diagonal straight path provides a visual connection to Rangitoto and a physical connection to the beach. The deck on the sunny south side helps provide activity to the park and is a nice elevated spot to sit and watch people go by. There’s also new steps up to the Post Office building.