Preliminary Design

A preferred concept is refined in this stage. Outcomes are tested to ensure the design is true to the original concept vision. At the conclusion of this stage you will have drawings that describe the preliminary design with scaled plans and elevations. We will test the arrangement of rooms with furniture and built-in cabinetry. Kitchens and bathrooms are designed in plan and a model is developed to provide the three-dimensional form of the buildings, interior spatial characteristics and the relationship of openings. The exterior site landscaping is designed sufficient to show outdoor living areas and their relationship with the interior.




We normally recommend that a Quantity Surveyor (QS) is engaged to provide a Preliminary Estimate of Costs based on the drawings and an outline specification. In some cases, where a builder is already involved in the project we will work together with them to develop construction costings.

QS Image

Once an estimate of costs has been obtained that everyone is comfortable with a Resource Consent application is made. We will sometimes prepare and apply for Resource Consent on your behalf when the project does not involve particularly thorny consent issues. In more complex Resource Management issues we will recommend that a specialist town planning consultant is engaged to make the application together with our supporting documents.