Developed Design

In this stage the design is refined and final decisions are made so that it is ready for Detail Design and Documentation (see below). We will make recommendations for the design of detail and the use of materials that reinforce the vision previously developed during Preliminary Design stage.

For a residential project there will be design of bathrooms, laundry and kitchen, and decisions made on fixtures, fittings and cabinetry throughout the house. We will develop the detail contained in our computer model, giving it materials and working on the relationship with its landscaping.

If there have been any major changes during this stage the Quantity Surveyor can be asked to price the implications of these.

It is important that everybody completely understands and is at ease with the design before starting the documentation for Building Consent. For example, changing the position of a room near the end of the Detail Design and Documentation stage can mean a great deal of work altering many drawings and may compromise other, earlier, design decisions.

At the conclusion of Developed Design the building is sufficiently defined to give a clear understanding of the scope of work, costs and the architectural look and feel.