Contractor Procurement

We can provide advice on methods of building procurement. Typically projects are tendered to a small group of selected contractors in order to achieve a competitive fixed price. Other methods are available depending upon preferred timeframe, budget, quality and current economic climate.

If a selected tender process is used then an identical set of contract documents will be provided to each of the tenderers from which they calculate their price. There are usually three or four tenderers who take part and they are selected based on:

  • ability to meet project programme
  • ability to appropriately staff and equip the project
  • experience in type of work
  • reputation for quality work
  • reputation for cooperation
  • financial stability

If a selected tender process is used then it is essential that most of this information is obtained and assessed before the builders are invited to tender, because it is usually understood that an invitation to tender denotes a willingness to accept a builder subject to a satisfactory price. The tender is run over a set period (usually three weeks), during which we answer questions and provide clarifications of the contract documents.

Once tenders close, we review them for compliance with the tender documents, analyse the trade breakdown, clarify any exclusions, and provide you with sufficient information to choose the contractor.