Concept Design

This stage involves deciphering opportunities and constraints within the proposed site or existing building, and then developing architectural solutions at a conceptual level. The outputs are usually space planning and site planning diagrams and plans, and initial 3d concept drawings.


Together with you, we will come to terms with all the major items that will affect the design. These include prosaic, philosophical and aesthetic issues. It is important for us to understand your tastes and how you wish to live/work/worship/play in the building. However, it is worth noting that people’s tastes are based on their experiences so keeping an open mind may produce unexpected but happy results. Of course, we try to keep the same open mind to potential design directions.


During this stage we will develop some key conceptual ideas that will drive the design. These develop in tandem with working through issues of the general form of the building and its relationship with the site and surrounding environment. We will begin by drawing space schematics and diagrams and refine these to scaled floor plans. When we feel that we are on a worthwhile path we will begin to model the design in three dimensions. This provides a feedback loop where ideas are tested on the model and the results provide stimulus for further design ideas.

TeWhau Sketch Plan