C40 Reinventing Cities Competition Finalists

The Te Kōpua team, which includes Sills van Bohemen, has made it through as one of five finalists in a global design competition.


Last year, two Henderson sites – the Falls and Alderman carparks – were nominated for Reinventing Cities, an international contest to inspire world-leading sustainable design. Reinventing Cities is run by C40, a group of cities around the world working together on climate change.

The Reinventing Cities criteria for innovative low-carbon design is a perfect fit with the long-held development vision for Henderson as an ‘urban eco-centre’.

Our vision is for an urban development that delivers an environmentally and socially resilient and sustainable community, designed in partnership with local iwi, with inter-generational outcomes that increase the health, wellbeing and housing opportunities for people connected to the area.

Te Kōpua team members are:

  • Province Developments
  • Sills van Bohemen
  • Studio Nord
  • Evident
  • Tricia Love Consultants
  • Resilio Studio

The outcome of the RFP stage of the competition will be known early in 2019. The winning team will carry on to undertake development on the sites to realise their vision.

More information about the competition here.